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8 Tips for Family Travels in 2019

The festive season has come and went, we have survived another bout with the dreaded January blues.

The recent cold snap has made us look forward to the coming of the summer months and our annual summer holibags but…


…the cynic in us all knows that this comes with a whole host of its own problems. Travelling with kids is one of them, especially on an aeroplane. They will shout out every embarrassing thing they can think of before take off, kick lumps out the back of the 7-foot angry bodybuilder’s seat in front of you and leave your armrests, overhead compartments and the surrounding area sticky which is funny because you don’t remember giving them ice cream or anything like that but as with children they always manage to find a way.

It can be a stressful time for any parents embarking on a family holiday. However, there are some things you can do in advance to mitigate the inevitable and make things a bit easier on you and your purse/wallet. Here are 8 handy tips for flying on this year’s big family holiday!

Such as:

Plane Bag while travelling with kids

  1. A Plane Bag

Seems fairly obvious but this is no ordinary plane bag. This is a surprise plane bag!

Don’t let the kids know what you are squirrelling away inside each of their special bags. Fill them with snacks, pens, papers, toys and whatever else you can think of. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, your local Pound Store will be packed full of little things that will keep your little cherubs entertained for the flight.


Timing is everything travelling with kids

  1. Timing is Everything

Use this at your own risk.

It’s not always possible but… 

…try and book your flights based around your little one’s bedtimes. If you can manage to get on a later flight there is every possibility that the might just drift off intop glorius slumber!

However…this might not work out the way you planned (as it did with my kids.) They might just be far too excited to sleep meaning that they were shattered when we arrived in sunny Spain, Mum and Dad were shattered and our first day was spent piecing together what was left of our broken shambles of a sleep pattern. Don’t let that put you off though, you know your family and it might just work out perfectly.


preorder baby milk travelling with babies tips

  1. Preorder Your Baby Milk

If you are travelling with babies and are worried about what you can and can’t get through Airport Security.

Did you know that you can pre-order baby milk from Boots and pick it up in the Airport Departures? This might not be an option for every departure lounge but well worth checking out and one less thing to add to the worries list.


share parents travelling tips for families

  1. Share the Load

If you are travelling with a partner or group then, by all means, share the load.

Take turns with the kids and give the other parent or party member some time to quiet there mind, grab a coffee and take some time to themselves. When they return its time to switch over. As simple as this sounds you will be amazed at how much it works. Don’t get us wrong your time being a sole entertainer of the kids when the flight is delayed for six hours isn’t easy but its worth it to get 20 minutes to yourself!


talk to other parents family travel tips

  1. Make Some New Friends

Why not strike up a conversation with some other parent in the waiting lounges.

Just the usual patter

“What age is your little fella?”

“Kids ay? What are they like?”

“How much did you instantly regret booking a 12-hour flight?”

When your 30,000 feet up in the air and with your demon children, screaming, refusing to shut their eyes and asking “how much longer?” every 3.4 seconds you’ll need all the friends you can get and a wee sideways glance to your new best areoplane friend might just be enough to get you both through.


bring snacks travel family tips

  1. Prepare a Meal/Snacks

Airline food gets a bad rep to be fair but if you thought your little ones were fussy eaters on the ground just waiting until there elbow to elbow on a flying tin can!

They will refuse point blank to eat anything and not only that, you’ll feel the sting when you pay £7.50 a head for a cheese dipper, a handful of grapes and a colouring book!

Pack some stuff that you know they love! Within reason, of course, half a kilo of Haribo is not a good idea in a confined space!


window seat travelling with kids tips

  1. The Coveted Window Seat

They are like hen’s teeth because you can’t have an aeroplane made completely out of windows for a multitude of reasons…

…the main one being that it would be absolutely terrifying but a window seat might just be the distraction your child needs to get them through their flight. Unfortunately, if you have two kids this can cause a bit of a problem but you can always promise them the window seat on the way back? If you have more than two kids then chances are you’ll be timetabling that window seat to the best of your ability!


socks travelling with kids

  1. Rolled Up Socks!

    We’ve all been there!

You’ve packed the snacks, the books, the pencils, the paper, the Ipads, the spare chargers, the neck pillows, the DVD’s, the sweets and the magazines. In fact, you have brought every conceivable thing you can think of but you have managed to forget to bring the kid’s sizes headphones! Shock and horror! All you have is some adult-sized over the head ones but they keep slipping down while your child is trying to watch the same episode of Peppa Pig for the twelfth time today.

Did you know if you stick a pair of rolled up socks in between the headband and your child’s head they will stay up perfectly! Clean socks optional.

Getting to and from somewhere can mean major stress but all these things that seem unbearable at the time have a way of becoming funny stories when you get back home and who wants perfection anyway!

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