Healthy Living, Healthy Bank Balance

There is a certain school of thought that in order to live a healthier lifestyle you need to spend a lot of money.

Things like gym memberships and organic food are often cited as monthly expenses that some people just can’t afford. Add to that the idea that you don’t have time for a healthier lifestyle and it is easy to see why so many of us find excuses to maintain our current diets and exercise habits.

When you get down to it the main issue is routine.

We get set in a routine whether it is in regards to what we do in our spare time or how we eat. This is the major hurdle to making the changes that can make a big difference in our health, attitudes and bank balance.

fatst food and a healthy diet

One of the big complaints is that there is easier access to fast food when it comes to a quick bite than healthy options. That unhealthy food and snacks are cheaper and easier to buy in shops and there just aren’t many good options. This just isn’t the case; the real issue is that we are in the routine of looking at these options.

If you go into any attempted lifestyle change half-heartedly and with a negative attitude you are bound to fail. If you go into it fully aware that it will be difficult at first but you will soon begin to notice as the weeks go by that things are getting easier, you are finding better prices and you are feeling physically better as well.

Good planning can also stop you going out at lunch or popping out for snacks which save a considerable amount of money over the course of a month.

If you are thinking about the gym but are concerned about costs it might be worth researching options available to you.

Do you work in a city with access to one of the big name Gyms?

Do you live close to a council run gym?

Are there private gyms that are easy for you to access?

If you have an idea of the kind you routine you would like to start then that can make a big difference with some gyms offering a pay as you go service where others are a monthly subscription. If you are planning to hit the gym every morning before work, at lunchtime or on your way home a subscription could be the way to go.

Local gyms can be considerably cheaper but you might not have access to as much equipment or classes that are more often than not included in gym memberships. Having all the information in front of you can help when making a decision on what plan will benefit you in the long term.

Another option is searching the world wide web for free fitness workouts. One of the best resources we have found online is Fitness Blender.

They have a whole range of free workout videos you can do at home for free. Each one is tailor-made for specific body areas or to help developĀ strength, flexibility, burn fat or cardio. You can do all of these from the comfort of your own home with no equipment or as you progress adding in something like a kettlebell to push yourself a little further.


Fitness Blender


They also have an extensive Meal Plan and Diet section on their website but some of these services cost money to access but if you are looking to get healthier on a budget then the free workout videos could be an excellent starting point.

Fitness Blender also has a large Facebook community where you can find support and motivation from other people using the workouts.

Using free online resources like this will require some self-motivation but imagine if you started to save your gym membership fees in own of our savings accounts.

There are loads of ways to stay healthy without breaking the bank. The first few steps are always the hardest but with some self-discipline and determination it will become a part of your life in no time at all.

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