Save money on energy bills this Spring

How To Save Energy (And Money) This Spring

Around this time of year is usually when most UK energy providers change the tariff system for the summer months.

For most of us, that means a nice big chunk of money is saved on bills as we rely less on having the heating on every single night. Did you know though that you could be saving even more by doing more than simply leaving the heating off and having to endure a chilly spring evening?

While there a whole host of sites out there that can bust some energy heating myths (the guys at Money Saving Experts have a cracking Q&A guide on their site,) we like to put our money where our mouth is and tell you about all the amazing ways you can save yourself some extra pocket money for the summer that might just come in handy if you’re going on a sunny holiday any time soon. Now as we mentioned, this is the time to check if you’re energy tariff is about to change.

It’s worth noting that you can save a good bit on your bills by following practical tips that many people often don’t think about or are oblivious to. On the blog, today we’re going to highlight some of these and fill you in on just how you can keep your house cosy while in the process of possibly changing providers.

save energy with your thermostat

1: Don’t Touch the Thermostat

One look out the window and you’d be hard-pressed to think we’re fully in the swing of spring. That doesn’t mean you have to crank the heating up when you come home in the evening. A survey carried out by Energy Saving Trust noted that 52% of people will turn their thermostat up if it’s cold outside. This is a big no-no and has a bit of an illusion behind the process. Thermostats are meant to regulate the temperature of a property. If you turn one up simply because it’s a bit cold, you’re not going to see a home get warmer quicker. All you’re going to be doing is getting a room up to a certain temperature without maintaining that heat.

save energy buy closing your curtains

2: Close the Curtains

While the longer evenings might be nice to look at if you’re cranking up the heat in the house to take a chill out of the air and keeping all the curtains drawn back, you’re wasting a lot of money. It is estimated that closing the curtains over and having the blinds drawn in an area like the bedroom (which you won’t be in until dark anyway) can reduce the amount of lost heat by 14-15%, which in turn will keep the bills down.

save cash on you energy bills

3: 1 degree = £80

The thermostat shouldn’t be left to go dusty over the next few months. While we’re not blessed to have the most temperate of summers here in Bonnie Scotland, the Energy Saving Trust being quite smart with their figures have accurately estimated that turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree at this time of year can have an average saving of £85 per household in the UK.

analogue radio and digital radio uses more energy than you think

4: Turn the Radio Off

Now we all know about the fact that leaving a TV or computer on standby all the time can be a devious way for the meter to rack up the numbers faster, but there is a new offender in town when it comes to sucking up electric. Digital (DAB) radios are now a common sight in many households, with many people having at least two-three in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. For all the superior sound quality and selection you get, they always suck up a lot more electric than old analogue radios do. It’s worth noting that in the majority of cases they can reset their clock as soon as they’ve been knocked on, so unless you’re using one for an alarm clock it might be worth pulling the plug out every time they’re not in use.

be smart and save money piggy bank

5: Be Smart with your Money

It seems obvious to say being smart with your money will help to save your money but stay with us. If you are looking to make home improvements or invest in a new boiler, curtains or any of the other things mentioned above make sure you speak to us at 1st Alliance Ayrshire Credit Union. Many people get small loans to invest in home improvements which will save them money in the long run. If you don’t shop about, the money you could save will be flushed down the drain. Our competitive loan rates could help you get the money you need for home improvements, without leaving you with hefty repayments.

There you have it. 5 top tips for saving energy this spring that won’t see breaking the bank when the next bill comes in.

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