Looking to build a good credit history?

Are you are a Lone Parent, Unemployed or on a Low Income and live in North Ayrshire? Are looking to borrow a small pot of money of up to £400 at just 3% a month on the reducing balance, then the Better Off North Ayrshire Loan is for you. This loan product is a great way for you to build a good credit history and improve your credit score.

  • I am 18 or over
  • I live in North Ayrshire
  • I am (or willing to be) a member of 1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Ltd
  • I can afford the loan repayments and share deposits
  • I do not have an undischarged Bankruptcy or Trust Deed
  • A benefit or wage will be paid into the credit union. Repayments and savings are taken off and the balance is returned to the nominated bank account the same morning.

By applying for a Better Off North Ayrshire loan you will receive face-to-face support and advice form a dedicated case worker.



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