Applying for a loan

  • You must be over 18 to apply for a loan.
  • You must be a member of 1st Alliance Community Bank to be approved for a Guaranteed / Share Based Loan.
  • Current members should give us a call or make a loan query by visiting the members area to complete their loan application.
    Members Apply Now
  • New members would need to complete a loan application in full to be considered for a loan. To process the application we would need:
    o Your National Insurance Number
    o Proof of address history for the last three years
    o You to read, understand and sign the declaration
    o Details of your income and expenditure by providing your last three months bank statements
    o Details of any existing debts or liabilities which you have, including DAS
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  • You must be able to afford the Loan repayments and Share deposits.
  • You must not have an undischarged Bankruptcy or Trust Deed.


Members should contact the head office on 01294 557 123, to discuss their loan requirements.

Please note that we check your credit report with you via zoom and will report to Experian on your payments.