Engage Smartcash

Smartcash is a digital account developed exclusively for junior credit union members (ages 8-16). The account is designed to help children & teenagers learn healthy financial habits and the importance of money management in an increasingly cash-less society.


The Smartcash account and app provide kids and teens with a safe stepping-stone towards full financial independence. Each account is provided with parental monitoring and safe limits on cash withdrawals and daily spending.

To encourage good saving habits, the app has a “Save” feature that enables pocket money and other funds to be sent to the junior member’s credit union savings account. Allowing kids and teens to learn to save from an early age.

Get your Smartcash Account today.

To open an Smartcash account simply contact us for further details.


Please note that you need to be an existing member to apply.

Terms and Conditions


Each Smartcash account comes with:

  • FREE Junior digital mobile banking app
  • Contactless Debit Card with safe spending/withdrawal limits
  • Sort code and account number
  • Ability to send money back to a credit union savings account
  • Feature to request pocket money from parents, ability to receive cash gifts or wages from a part-time job
  • Parental Authorisation and control
  • Cashback Rewards and Discounts
  • FREE to load money from your parents’ account via bank transfer or standing order.
  • FREE loads via your local credit union
  • NO management fees or costs for purchases made within the UK
  • One off fee of £10 on application