Access affordable loans with 1st Alliance Community Bank

Here at 1st Alliance Community Bank we understand that most people will need to borrow at some point in time and all of our loans are personal and can be used for any provident purpose.  We always encourage our members to develop an honest relationship with us as well as operating a positive savings and loans portfolio.

Repayment terms are based on value of loan and can be taken over 12 months- 48 months, early repayment has no additional charge.

Depositing a lump sum will not count towards loan without regular savings being deposited.

Our annual percentage rate varies according to loan value and risk, they are;12.69%, 26.95% and 42.98%.  There are no administration fees.

APR Representative example:
£400 loan over 12 months at £40 per month is 26.92% Representative APR, total interest £52.13

Loan products:

  • Guaranteed Loans: where members shares equal or are higher than the loan requested.
  • Share Based Loans: where members have been saving regularly.
  • 1st Loan from £500. Requires a benefit of wage to be paid into the credit union.

Our loans are based on affordability. Members are required to supply three months bank statements and check their credit report with us.

To apply please give us a call.