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Our 1st Loan has been created for new or existing members who do not qualify for a share based loan. So there is no need to apply for membership to apply for our 1st Loan. The loan is secured against a benefit, wage or wage deduction, from £500* and is charged at a maximum of 3% a month on the unpaid balance. This loan product is a great way for members to build a good credit history and move on to other loan products.

1st loans are secured against:

  • Any benefit that is higher that the repayments plus savings
  • Any wage
  • Or if you work for one of our Payroll partners and are on a permanent contact, you can have a deduction from wages.
  • Our payroll partners: North Ayrshire Council, Hansel Village, Ayrshire Housing, Seascape.

Who can apply

  • I am 18 or over
  • I am (or willing to be) a member of 1st Alliance Community Bank
  • I can afford the loan repayments and share deposits
  • I have a Benefit or wage that will cover the repayments and are willing to pay this directly into the credit union. Or work for one of the payroll providers listed above.
  • I do not have an undischarged Bankruptcy or Trust Deed

How to apply

Before you apply please make sure you have access to your Credit Report –  Credit Karma and Clear Score are two examples of free sites.

  • Complete the online loan application.
  • We will check your application and give you a call.
  • You will be emailed an invite to a Zoom meeting.
  • On this we check your credit report with you.
  • *Loan offer is made, the loan starts at £500 and following assessment of the application some of this may be held in your share account
  • Benefit or wage is moved over to the Credit Union. Please note that we only take off the agreed payments the balance is returned to your bank the same morning.
  • Loan is paid out on receipt of Benefit or wage, or on sign up for payroll deduction.

Repayment Illustration

  • If you borrow £500 at £10 a week (last payment is £5.59) your total interest will be £93.63.
  • If you borrow £500 at £51 a month (last payment is £42.48) your total interest will be £104.78.

The figures given above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual interest rates and repayment amounts may vary subject to loan amount and status. Loans are subject to affordability.

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