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Junior Savers

This account is free to open and run and is designed for young people to steadily build savings whilst allowing deposits to be withdrawn with the account remaining open. At 16 the account will be automatically transferred to the Adult membership.

  • I am under 16
  • I either reside in the West of Scotland or am a member of the same household as a member

How The Account Works

  • The account is free to open and run.
  • Identification required – Parent or Guardian – as per Adult membership / Young person – Birth certificate or Passport.
  • Withdrawals can be made up to £50. For withdrawals over this the Parent of guardian should contact the Kilwinning Office.
  • Up to the age of 7 withdrawals only require the parents/guardian are required to sign.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by parent/guardian, from the age of 12 the young person has control of their account.
  • At 16 the account is transferred to the Adult membership.


The Debit Card for Junior Savers aged 8 – 16

Designed to help children and teens take control of their finances in the connected world – electronic pocket money to use and to learn the importance of money management.

Parental access to the child’s online account ensures safe, responsible spending, whilst the ability to send money direct to the Community Bank encourages young savers to add to their savings on a regular basis.

Each Smartcash account comes with a contactless Visa debit card, free mobile app, online account and a range of rewards and discounts to save on everyday spending and purchases like games or fashion.

Smartcash is great value. There is no monthly fee, and there are no charges to transfer funds to or from the Community Bank. Opening a Smartcash account will cost £10, there is a 10p charge for paying into the card via a bank.


For more information on Engage and the Smartcard card:

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